Specialist Security Recruitment

We understand how hard it is to find trained staff to fulfil your requirements to your clients, Well we can help as we provide service men and women part time work.

When you are stuck for manpower contact us and we can place staff in your gaps to insist you.

HSC Security services is set up as a recruitment agency to support companies of all sizes to fulfil their commitment.

HSC Security Services provides temporary staff within the specialist role of Security.

We are able to Provide temporary staff to fill in gaps for security companies.

We trade under the name of HertSC which is registered as a Not for Profit, so not only do we support you grow but in turn you also support HertSC public events.

Our trained employees are in full time employment elsewhere which we offer the chance to work weekend or events.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Services and Staff available 

We have a range of qualified trained staff available to support your company growing needs. We can provide on a temporary role to assist you grow the following roles.

  • SIA Door Supervisors
  • Event Stewards
  • Covert Security
  • Event Security
  • First Aiders
  • Static Guards

Our Promise

HSC Security Services will provide the following.

  • Qualified staff for the roles
  • Vetted and checked Licenses
  • £10 Million employee insurance
  • £5 Million Public Liability insurance
  • 40 Years combined experience
  • Health and safety packs signed by staff
  • HSC policy packs signed by Staff

What we take care of

  • Wages and Holiday pay
  • Staffing
  • PPE and Equipment
  • Taxes and Insurances
  • Transport of staff
  • Vetting and Checking staff

HSC Security Services will be able to provide temporary staff at unbeatable rates to all companies and events.


HertSC website – www.hertsc.co.uk