Event Management

HSC Event Management Services understand all the aspects of running a successful event.

We know it can become frustrating when you’re being made to jump through hoops to ensure your event meets requirements.

So let HSC Event Management Services help you as we can provide you and/or company with the following services:

Event security

we can provide you with unique security teams but that’s the easy part we can also write up your security plans and make sure that public safety is the number one factor.

Event Noise

HSC Event Management Services can provide you with sound techs and sound equipment but again that the easy part.

We understand that you may need a noise management plan written up. So we take the time to make sure that your noise management plan is written up at the highest standards.

Events management

Event management can be difficult but we can help you with advice on the build up to your event all the way to the take down of the event. We would also provide a manager at the event who will make sure that everything is running to your plans.

Event Production

Our production teams have access to many qualified managers that can help you from supplying you a sound system to providing your event with a line up. Not forgetting about the sound tech and special effects we can offer.

Public Safety

This is the key to any event you’re having cause you wouldn’t want to be in the media.

Something really small that can have a big impact. We have public safety offices that are qualified to run public and private events.

We use HSC Security for public events as they have a professional experience for event security www.hsc-security.co.uk

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