HertsC (HSC) is a C.I.C (community interest company)

HertsC (HSC) is a C.I.C (community interest company) that uses any profits owned for the benefit of the local community.

We provide a whole range of services which give something back to the public by addressing different needs. Below, we’ll explore some of these in some more detail.

About HSC

It’s a phrase often banded about by more established organisations which, upon further inspection, can often be discovered to be untrue.

HSC is truly non-profit as it’s owners are in full-time employment elsewhere and so have no need to withdraw any of the profits from the business.

The profits generated by the company are reinvested in order to create more of the revenue streams which channel funds. down into hospitals, hospices and community ventures.

HSC Security

HSC Security provides total professional security services to either the community or local businesses at affordable rates. Not only do you get that feeling of being safe but you can also get the feeling that your donating toward an event that is raising money for charity.

Management Services

HSC has high levels of experience within the security and events industries. HSC are now offering the services to help you make your events successful. We can help you with Security plans, Management plans, safety plans, noise plans & the planning of the events.

Band, Artist & DJ Managment

If you’re a local artist, get heard with the connections we have via the events and management skills we have. We can manage your bookings, social media, arrangements, dealing with clients and also booking studios.


Herts fest is the event that we place the profits into to make sure that we can hold one of the biggest events in Hertfordshire for as cheap or even free entry. The revenue made from this event is then placed into a local charity.

HSC Security have a range of approved SIA and Accredited course providers that we can help you with a range of courses and training.

Our Course providers have combined experience of over 40 years, the trainers are ideally placed to deliver a first class courses, using modern teaching methods while integrating real life experience.

Find more out about our Security at www.hsc-security.co.uk